How can the act of noticing create a heightened awareness and shared  emotional response?
Symbiotic object rendering in the home space. Background image provided by
In considering mundane objects that are a part of everyday life, I started to think about rugs. Existing in both the private and public space, a rug is an object associated with comfort and design, calling attention through material quality, color and pattern.
Through interviews and discussions with workshop participants and peers, I identified the climate crisis as a threat to our basic needs. Melting Point is “a rug that reminds us” of what is going on around us. The design is based on a satellite image from Nasa showing the Arctic ice extent from Nov 1, 2021. The red line signifies the median ice extent between 1981 and 2010, showing how much of the ice cap has melted due to global warming.
Through an integration of a motif that reminds people melting ice, the goal would be to re introduce an awareness of the climate crisis. This would be facilitated by a welcoming form of interaction with the rug, allowing for continued self reflection through repetitive exposure in daily routine and helping to remind people to stop ignoring the fact that climate change will and does continue to affect our daily lives. Daily or consistent interaction with the rug would hopefully provide a sense of empowerment to the user to take action not only through self awareness but through knowing that others are experiencing the same thing.
The rug design is based on a satellite image from Nasa showing the sea ice extent from Nov 1, 2021. The outline signifies the median ice edge between 1981 and 2010. Nasa imagery provided by the the National Snow & Ice Data Center (NSIDC).
User testing of prompted interaction with printed rug prototype.
Rendering of Melting Point rug in a public space. Background image provided by

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