How can objects help us visualize performing future behaviors?
Symbiotic object prototype.
As my third object experiment, I wanted to propose a design intervention that would not only easily integrate into our everyday, personal lives but also utilize a rehearsed behavior, encouraged by the user interaction, as a form of reminder.
The blackout conscious light renews awareness of the imminent and ongoing threats brought on by rapid climate change. The light is dual functioning, with one side connected to a lightbulb and electrical output and one side containing a candle holder. Not only would the light serve the user when they have electricity but also when they don't - either by choice or due to a power outage. With the option for portability when disconnected from the power source, the light allows the user to walk around with the guidance of a candle if need be.​​​​​​​
By acknowledging a multi-functional purpose of the light and utilizing both as the user sees fit, they undergo a form of mental rehearsal through use. With each interaction, the user is building an ongoing awareness of their own behavior, preparing them to not only make climate positive decisions in other everyday actions and interactions outside of the home space but also preparing for an emergency scenario, such as a (prolonged) power outage. 
User testing of lightbulb option.
User testing of candle option.

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