Strategy + Research + Design
As a transdisciplinary designer, I dedicate my practice to addressing the critical challenges of today and imagining how we can create regenerative models for the future that benefit humans, non-humans, and the natural world alike. Through this life-centered approach, my work is rooted in extensive research and critical strategy to develop impactful interventions that confront what is now known as the ‘Polycrisis’—encompassing global risks that range from environmental threats to societal struggles and technological advancement.
With a Master of Industrial Design from RISD and a background in sculpture and linguistics, my practice lies at the intersection of applied art and design thinking—combining my passion for hands-on making with my dedication to systems change. My current projects are focused on the advancement of sustainable systems in evolutionary lifestyle dynamics as informed by natural disasters, human behavior (psychology), and modes of communication. This work investigates climate adaptation, everyday living, and community resilience, and has been exhibited at international design events including Dutch Design Week and FASHIONCLASH Festival, as well as gained notable recognition at the Core77 Design Awards.

As a Strategic Design + Research Fellow at RISD's Center for Complexity, I am collaborating on the development of a design manual for the Anthropocene—pulling from and expanding on my extensive research in climate risk and collaborative response, as well as joining an effort utilizing art and design to envision the roles, norms, and values necessary for humanity to flourish.
As a design consultant and sustainability lead, I work with brands like Quiet Town to create circular models of production—considering what “sustainability” actually means while taking the necessary steps to improve processes, build community, and craft beautiful products with impactful narratives. 
As an educator, I have partnered with  The Level Up Project, Forsyth Satellite Academy, and Pratt Institute in NYC to work with high school and college students on a series of collaborative ‘reuse’ and ‘design thinking’ workshops.
Awards + Recognition
2023  Student Notable Speculative Design Award, Core77 Design Awards
2023  Circularity Champion Nominee, Barnard College · Columbia University 
2022  Marc Harrison Design Excellence Award, Rhode Island School of Design
2022  Semi-Finalist Student Merit Awards, Industrial Designers Society of America
2020 - 2022  Leopold Schepp Scholar
2020 - 2022  Fred M. Roddy Memorial Scholarship, Rhode Island School of Design
2020 - 2021  Industrial Design Health Grant, Rhode Island School of Design
2020 - 2022  Graduate Merit Fellowship Award, Rhode Island School of Design
2008  Magna Cum Laude Bachelor of Fine Arts, Binghamton University (SUNY)
2008  Undergraduate Research Award, Binghamton University (SUNY)
2008  University Art Museum Sculpture Award, Binghamton University (SUNY)

2022  Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2022  FASHIONCLASH Festival, Maastricht, Netherlands
2022  MID Graduate Showcase, Rhode Island School of Design
2021  Industrial Design Gallery, Rhode Island School of Design
2022  Speaker at Industrial Design Lecture Series, Rhode Island School of Design
2020 - 2022  Graduate Community Representative, Rhode Island School of Design
2020 - 2022  Industrial Designers Society of America Board Member, Rhode Island School of Design
2020 - 2022  Graduate Admissions Team, Rhode Island School of Design
2021  Humanitarian Design Teaching Assistant, MIT-D Lab/Rhode Island School of Design

2022 - Present  Female Design Council
2022 - Present  Women and Climate
2017 - Present  NYC Fair Trade Coalition 
2020 - 2022  Industrial Designers Society of America
2017 - 2018  Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator
2010 - 2011  Chicago Public School Art Teacher
2009 - 2011  Milk Factory Gallery Founder + Curator, Chicago

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