How can we use reminders to disrupt the system of our lives and focus on the world around us?  
For my experimentation, I decided to create a series of objects that people could interact with in a curated way. My goal was to evaluate these interactions through interviews, feedback and video capture, paying attention to the effect the objects and curated interaction had on the user.​​​​​​​
The Sit Spot stool is a multi-tiered seat that invites the user to take a break from their busy day and sit, lean or perch on any of the 3 levels. Its design considers average seated heights from under the thigh to the floor and under the elbow to the floor as well as the varying angles the legs take when seated at different heights. This variation encourages the user to experiment with different ways of sitting and interacting with the stool either in one sitting experience or different experiences throughout the day.
The idea of a “sit spot” itself is one that naturally occurs when people repeatedly return to the same place, usually in nature, bringing them a sense of comfort and encouraging focus, awareness and mindfulness in that moment. Responding to a concern by research participants for a lack of time and (self) care, the Sit Spot stool is a way to remind users to take breaks for mindfulness and self care throughout the day.
Symbiotic object prototype.
User testing of prompted interaction.

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